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Who we are

The Residential Property Managers Association of New Zealand (RPMA®) is a professional association designed for and operated by residential property managers to raise industry standards and benefit members, property owners, and the public.

Our key objectives

  • Advance the profession of residential property management
  • Raise industry standards in residential property management through innovation, education, communication, and sharing best practice advice from trusted and experienced operators
  • Improve perceived value of engagement with the residential property management industry
  • Increase awareness of the value of professional residential property management to property owners
  • Improve the public experience of engagement with the residential property management industry
  • Provide members with resources, support and training to enhance their professional skills
  • Advocate for continuous learning, sharing and networking amongst industry peers
  • Promote and encourage ethical conduct within the industry
  • Increase public confidence with robust complaint procedures designed for consumer protection
  • Advocate and lobby Government for improvements in relevant law and policy reforms

The RPMA® constitution

View our rules, code of ethics, best practice duties, complaints procedure and continuing development expectations.

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Our history

RPMA® began its journey in 2003 as the Independent Property Managers Association (IPMA), eventually evolving into the Property Managers Institute of New Zealand (PROMINZ) in 2019.

The roots of RPMA® were to be the leading voice for specialist residential property managers, so it has always been important to the association’s membership that its representative body not fall under the same governance as real estate agents.

RPMA® was founded in 2021

And so in 2021, the membership founded the Residential Property Managers Association of New Zealand (RPMA®) as purely a property managers association, and the true voice of residential property managers.

RPMA® advocates that residential property management is a true profession in its own right.

It is time that residential property management not be a “poor cousin” to other property sectors, and residential property managers gain control over their own future.

Meet the Council

RPMA® Council

David Pearse


[email protected]




David has been a specialist residential property manager since 2004.

He was the founding franchisee of Quinovic Property Management in Hawkes Bay, and went on to start Pukeko Rental Managers. He is passionate about property management and that property managers need to come out from under the control of other property sectors and take control of their own destiny.

His focus has always been about "being the best" rather than being the biggest. Pukeko Rental Managers won the Supreme Award for Franchise of the Year and franchisees winning Property Manager of the Year awards. 

Property management is a service industry and any property manager who provides quality service should be recognised.

Ryan Weir


[email protected]


022 657 9432


Ryan Weir bought his first property as a 19 year old and has been a property manager ever since. In 2021, he was runner-up Property Manager of the Year for the Property Managers Institute of New Zealand (the RPMA’s predecessor).

Together with a business partner, Ryan set up a boutique Auckland property management business in 2013. In 2020, Ryan sold this company, in order to buy into his family’s Propertyscouts business – a property management company with 16 franchises across New Zealand. He is now a Propertyscouts managing director, based in Auckland.  

Ryan is committed to lifting the property management industry’s standards and public perception. “Belonging to RPMA supports this objective. I’d like to see the association grow and be a strong voice for property managers. The goal is a seat at the table with government ministers, when they are framing policy that affects residential tenancies.”   

Link to Ryan's website: www.ryanweir.co.nz

Deputy Chairperson
Vicky Harris


[email protected]




Vicky has been a property manager for the past 12 years and owns the Pukeko Rental Managers’ Hawke’s Bay franchise. She was a long-time member of the Independent Property Managers Association (a RPMA predecessors) and believes in an industry specific organisation that promotes a high level of service and standards.

“Through my many years of hands-on experience, I want to help younger members achieve their property management goals and operate with the highest levels of integrity.

I’d like to see RPMA be the go-to organisation for New Zealand property managers – whether they are independent, franchisees, or employed by a real estate company. The association is a place for members to share ideas, keep abreast of legislation and gain trust with the community.”

Richard Horne


[email protected]


021 261 7279


Richard started the business with nothing, and he says he still has most of it left. As an established investor he has a stake in the Wellington market with his own rentals. This means he fully understands the highs and lows that go along with rental investment.

It’s been his privilege to look after and manage countless Client Owner’s properties and learn the many different strategies that investors follow. With over 20 years experience managing property, Richard can answer most questions. He may not have “seen it all” but there’s not much left that surprises him.

As a practicing coffee snob, classic car fan and a quirky guitar collector, Richard keeps the whole team happy, productive and engaged on every level. He has even been known to make coffee for everyone AND do the washing up.


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