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Why use an RPMA® accredited property manager?

01 Our Code of Ethics. The primary obligation of membership is the ethical practice of property management. Our Code of Ethics guides the decisions and actions of all Members. Membership also requires a clean criminal history.
02 Our professional development. Best Practice Standards are underpinned by education-based qualifications and continuing professional development (CPD). To maintain membership, our members must complete 10 hours of CPD, annually.
03 Our communication. Members are always up to speed with the sector’s ever-changing legislation and regulations, via the RPMA®’s professional communication channels.
04 Our robust complaints procedures. Our complaints procedure involves a third-party overview and prescribed timeframes for resolution.
05 Our professional indemnity insurance. Required as part of the RPMA® membership.
06 Our designated rent accounts. Client monies are held at all times in a designated Rent Account, held in Trust.

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If you believe an RPMA® member has acted unethically, read about our Code of Ethics and how to make a complaint.

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What property owners say

As a landlord, I'm putting a lot of trust — and money — in the hands of my property manager. The fact he's a member of the RPMA provides a tangible layer of assurance. I know that adherence to a code of ethics is a condition of membership, as is a clean criminal history. And, should anything ever go wrong, RPMA members are also required to hold professional indemnity insurance. It sounds basic, but these are not "givens" within the property management industry. That's why I will only work with RPMA members. I'm running a business, not a lottery.

I also value that members are right up to speed with all relevant legislation and regulations — and my property manager makes sure I'm across these changes, too. I usually am, but his comms give me peace of mind that I'm not missing a beat."

Aaron Ghee
Auckland landlord