RPMA® strives to ensure our members represent the best in residential property management, and is responsible for enforcing the high standards of professionalism we require from our members.

How to make a complaint

All RPMA® accredited members are required to operate within a Code of Practice and Code of Ethics. If you receive unsatisfactory service from an RPMA® accredited member, or they have acted unprofessionally or unethically, you are encouraged to submit a formal complaint. RPMA® is committed to responding to complaints within 5 working days.

Please read the RPMA® Code of Ethics and RPMA® Complaints Procedure prior to contacting RPMA® or using the Complaint Form below.

Other options to resolve a complaint or dispute

For tenancy complaints, contact the Tenancy Tribunal.
For property owner complaints, contact the Disputes Tribunal of NZ.

Complaints process
  1. Complaints are received by the RPMA® complaints board, which determines if there has been a breach of the association’s code of ethics.
  2. Depending on the nature and severity of the transgression, the board has several options: Complaint dismissal and no further action; referring the complaint to another body; apology; require specific training; issue a warning and/or reprimand; suspension or cancellation of RPMA® membership

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