RPMA® is committed to setting higher standards in residential property management.

Stronger together

We are focused on developing professional, accredited residential property managers, supporting their journey and commitment to the industry, and instilling consumer confidence with our robust code of ethics, principles, and standards.

By joining, you become part of a group that can make an impact across the industry.

Political Advocacy. RPMA® promotes industry standards and liaises with government and key industry organisations.
Education. Our Best Practice training and resources develops leaders in residential property management through use of in-depth course modules, webinars, seminars and formal continuing professional development (CPD).
Communication. Receive critical alerts on industry legislation and regulation changes, via regular RPMA® updates.
Nationally recognized designations. RPMA® qualifications and post-nominals stay with you, even if you change employer.
Awards & recognition. Have your expertise in the industry recognized via our national and regional awards.
Resources. Promote yourself to property owners using RPMA® digital assets and resources.
RPMA® Members Only Portal. Login as an RPMA® member to get direct access to the RPMA® member database, educational modules, classifieds, resources, discussion rooms and more.
Discounts. Get significant supplier discounts across various retail outlets.

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Membership criteria

RPMA® membership is open to all property managers who:

Membership categories & cost

Professional RPMA® designations add credibility to your name and business. They are earned through education, CPD, experience and service to the industry.

RPMA® membership is $400 + gst per annum, with the first three months free.
Trainee membership is free (conditions apply).


Join as a Trainee member while you complete the NZ Certificate in Residential Property Management and/or other educational courses. Trainees have all the rights of Affiliate members except the right to vote, hold office, or serve as a committee chair. Trainee members are expected to undertake continuing professional development (CPD).


Affiliate membership is open to anyone actively involved in providing professional services to the property industry.

Qualified Residential Property Manager (QRPM)

Qualified Residential Property Managers of RPMA® are individuals who have obtained a NZ Certificate of Residential Property Management (or equivalent) and completed the RPMA® Ethics module. New members must complete at least 10 CPD points within the last 12 months prior to application. Under this membership category, individuals are entitled to use the post-nominals QRPM.

Senior Residential Property Manager (SRPM)

Senior Residential Property Managers of RPMA® are individuals who have been a QRPM member for at least three years and satisfied the requirements of experience and knowledge. Applicants will be interviewed to determine if they have the relevant experience and knowledge. Under this membership category, individuals are entitled to use the post-nominals SRPM.

Fellow of RPMA® (FRPMA)

Fellow status is discretionary and awarded by the RPMA® Council to members with 10 or more years of current, relevant experience in residential property management. They must also demonstrate a significant contribution to the development of the sector — over and above the contribution made to their own business or employer. Under this membership category, individuals are entitled to use the post-nominals FRPMA.

Continuing professional development (CPD)

A key requirement of RPMA® membership is a commitment to continuing professional development (CPD). It is essential for the maintenance and enhancement of your professional skills. This is delivered via the association’s own CPD programme and is highly targeted at the skills and competencies required for best practice property management.

RPMA® education & training includes, but is not limited to:

Ethics Module

Online course, automatically assessed

Cost: $150 + gst

Skills Level 4 NZ Certificate in Residential Property Management

Seven months duration, online classroom training, assessed by Skills NZ

Cost: $1500 + gst

Skills Equivalency Module

Online course, automatically assessed

Cost: $150 + gst

Monthly Webinars

Grow your property knowledge and stay on top of emerging trends.
Members have access to 10 free webinars each year.

Cost: $35 + gst

Annual Conference / AGM

Your chance to be inspired by, and network with, like-minded property managers from around the country.

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