Oct 20, 2022, 12:00 AM

How to present a great listing presentation

Ryan Weir facilitates this RPMA® webinar on how to present a Great Listing Presentation.  This webinar is ideal for Property Managers, Business Development Managers and Principals.

Research shows more and more Landlords and shopping around before selecting their Property Manager, so having a great listing presentation is essential to anyone looking to grow their portfolio. 

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The Art of Negotiation in Property Management

Facilitator and panelist: Ryan Weir – deputy chairman of RPMA® and director of Propertyscouts NZ.  Ryan talks specifically about how to negotiate with your Landlords to get full fees and AVOID discounting! Panelist Joel Thompson – real estate professional who has previously started, scaled and sold a property management business. Sharing his tips on how to negotiate with anyone. Panelist Kyle Weir – Head of business performance managers at Laser Group. 

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