Webinar - 10 Ways to Eliminate Interruptions

RPMA recently hosted a webinar, "10 Ways to Eliminate Interruptions," empowering property managers with practical strategies to maximize productivity.

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Things I Wish I Knew When I Started

Residential Property Managers Association (RPMA) hosted a successful webinar on "Things I Wish I Knew When I Started" on April 26, 2023, with our two experienced panelists Ryan Weir (Director of Propertyscouts NZ) and Richard Horne (Director of managemyproperty).

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RPMA December Newsletter

Merry Christmas from the RPMA Council!

Please see below for a link to our December Newsletter.

In this edition we welcome 4 new members and cover off our media whirlwind after the government's announcement of the upcoming industry regulations.


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How To Put Your Business Into Holiday Hibernation Mode

Ryan Weir, deputy chairperson of the RPMA®, goes solo on the final webinar for the year.

In this webinar, Ryan shares tips and tricks with RPMA® members on how they can put their business into holiday hibernation mode so they enjoy their holidays even more.

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RPMA on Today FM

Today FM's Rachel Smalley speaks to RPMA© Deputy Chairman Ryan Weir about the recent regulation announcement.  

Ryan explained while there are good aspects to the regulation, the Government missed a huge opportunity by failing to include DIY/private landlords (who control roughly 60% of the tenancies in NZ) in the regulation of the sector. 

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Rental sector changes to regulate residential property managers, clear up meth confusion and ease pressure on landlords

  • Residential property managers to be regulated as per Labour Party manifesto commitment 
  • Public input sought to clear up meth residue in rentals confusion
  • Private landlords, Kāinga Ora, and Community Housing Providers get more time to comply with healthy homes standards

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How to present a great listing presentation

Ryan Weir facilitates this RPMA® webinar on how to present a Great Listing Presentation.  This webinar is ideal for Property Managers, Business Development Managers and Principals.

Research shows more and more Landlords and shopping around before selecting their Property Manager, so having a great listing presentation is essential to anyone looking to grow their portfolio. 

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The Art of Negotiation in Property Management

Facilitator and panelist: Ryan Weir – deputy chairman of RPMA® and director of Propertyscouts NZ.  Ryan talks specifically about how to negotiate with your Landlords to get full fees and AVOID discounting! Panelist Joel Thompson – real estate professional who has previously started, scaled and sold a property management business. Sharing his tips on how to negotiate with anyone. Panelist Kyle Weir – Head of business performance managers at Laser Group. 

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Property Managers - boost your credentials

Are you ready to advance your property management career with the Level 4 Certificate in Property Management from the Residential Property Managers Association of New Zealand (RPMA®)?

Position yourself as a leading property manager with these credentials and get 'ahead of the curve'.  Regulation of the industry is looming, now is the perfect time to get qualified, ahead of time.

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Update Regarding Family Violence

MBIE has updated RPMA on the provisions in the Residential Tenancies Act 1986 (RTA) to enable victims of family violence to leave a tenancy at short notice (section 56B), and to enable landlords to terminate tenancies where a charge has been filed for assault (section 55AA). 

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